A legacy of generosity and selflessness continues for a Hamilton boy who died from cancer nearly twenty years ago.

Kyle Hoult was faced with the tough challenge in his life diagnosed with leukemia, Kyle Hoult only 7 at the time felt compelled to help others.

Kyle and his family spent birthdays and holidays donating food to the “Neighbour 2 Neighbour Centre”, which serves three thousand Hamilton mountain residents in need.

On March 29th, 2001 Kyle passed, but donations didn’t stop. Kyle’s generosity and determination caught the attention of Ticat Mike Filer who’s worked with the Hoalts for the past six years, his teammate Nikita Whitlock is new to the event but not to the circumstances that bring people to centres like this.

Over the last 5 years the Kyle Hoult food drive has collected over twenty thousand pounds of food, and if it’s up to the Hoult family, the food will keep coming for as long as the donations are there, so is Kyle’s memory.

The Hoults don’t just host the food drive, they give community service awards to grade eights from Kyle’s school and hosted a charity golf tournament for a decade that last time raised over hundred thousand dollars.

CHCH personality was on hand to witness the event. Click on the link below for more.