Financial Counselling

1:1 Financial Counselling and Group Education sessions available

Money Matters one-on-one financial counselling is available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, or other times if needed. Call for an appointment: 905-574-1334 x207

Invitations to upcoming workshops will be posted in the foodbank and on our social media (Twitter, Facebook). These workshops are by registration, and bus tickets are available to assist participants to attend.

Activities include:

  • Drafting and updating a household budget
  • Organizing and explaining bills, paperwork, collection letters, government forms, credit reports
  • Calls to creditors to negotiate debt repayment
  • Calls to services and utilities to negotiate better service for the same or less cost (e.g.  home phone, mobile phone, internet, etc.)
  • Calls to government agencies to rectify issues or access new program supports
  • Discussion and encouragement around modifying spending habits to better live within income assistance
  • Assistance with application forms: government, housing supports, etc.

“Meeting with the Counsellor and talking about my finances helped me make a plan.

It feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders!”

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