About the Book Store

N2N Books, the Neighbour to Neighbour Centre Used Book Store, provides entertaining and informative reading for the entire community at economical prices.

N2N Books carries a huge variety of used books in all categories and formats. The bookstore is entirely volunteer-run and our books are donated by people like you, so all money from the sale of books goes directly to support Neighbour to Neighbour programs.

N2N Books sells everything for readers of any age, including children’s books, collectibles, classics, mysteries, general fiction, romance, history, biography, politics, even current bestsellers. Our stock is constantly changing as we add new donations daily in both paperback and hard-cover volumes. We also sell jigsaw puzzles, magazines, DVDs and CDs.

N2N Books is CLOSED

Our Book Store is closed until further notice due to the pandemic. We can’t wait to see you again soon!

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Remember: Buying at N2N Books not only provides you with excellent reading material but every dollar spent at the bookstore is used to support Neighbour to Neighbour programs and our Hamilton neighbours in need.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept Encyclopedias, textbooks, videotapes, cassette tapes or Readers Digest Condensed Books. Please call the N2N Centre ahead of time for information if you have a questionable or unusually large book donation. Any book donations we do not accept for display and sale will need to be recycled.


Prices at N2N Books are modest and affordable. Most books are only $1.50 each and most children’s books are only 50 cents. Some of the newest, rarest, or the most in-demand titles sell for a little more.

Donating Books

N2N Books welcomes donations of books and media in all the categories we sell. Books should be of recent copyright and in good, saleable condition. During bookstore hours, bring your book donations in the front entrance at Neighbour to Neighbour and one of our bookstore volunteers will be glad to accept your donation.

Many of our donors return again and again — donating books, buying books and re-donating. Thank you for thinking of us!

Our Mission

Lead our community to an improved quality of life.

Our Vision

Inclusive Collaboration
Challenging the Norm
Proactive Life Education
Strong Foundation
Innovative Leadership

Our Values

Integrity, Leadership, Inclusivity

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