What is a 3rd Party Event? 

A 3rd Party Event is an activity fully organized and hosted by an individual, group or business to raise money for Neighbour to Neighbour.

In-person Ideas: 

  • BBQ or other food-related event 
  • Bottle drive 
  • Draw for prizes 
  • Donation at checkout
  • Make & sell something

Virtual Ideas 

  • Toonie Fridays 
  • Live Music/Concert
  • Escape room
  • Cooking class
  • Like-a-Thon for businesses
poster showing samples of 3rd party events: live music, cooking lesson and draw for prizes

Next Steps:

  1. Decide on your event.  
  2. Contact Jillian to share your idea: jharris@n2ncentre.com or 905-574-1334 ext. 220 
  3. Read and sign the 3rd Party Event Agreement 
  4. Run your event or fundraising activity! 
  5. Mail or drop off your proceeds to Neighbour to Neighbour: 

Attn: Jillian Harris
Neighbour to Neighbour 
28 Athens St. 
Hamilton, ON  L9C 3K9

Ready to take the next step to holding your event? Click “Third Party Agreement” below to download, read and complete the document.

Questions? Contact Jillian:
jharris@n2ncentre.com; 905-574-1334
ext 220

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