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Christmas Shopping at N2N Centre
Once the doors opened at the Neighbour to Neighbour Centre Christmas store, it wasn’t long before the hall was humming with people.
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Food Flood at Neighbour to Neighbour Centre

The past few days have been very busy ones in the food bank and warehouse at Neighbour to Neighbour Centre.
Nearly 200 volunteers are sorting and stocking nearly 45,800 kilograms (101,000 pounds) of food that was collected by students from nine elementary and secondary schools on Halloween night.
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Ignite News: Hamilton’s N2N offers food and dignity
As families prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, many will be giving thanks there’s a food bank on Hamilton Mountain to help them put dinner on the table.
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CHCH: Community gardens
The Neighbour to Neighbour food bank says this summer has been ideal for gardening. The organization runs a community garden network, giving low income families the chance to grow their own food.
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Hamilton Community News: Baby food shortage at Neighbour to Neighbour Centre
There were about two or three dozen jars of baby food on the shelf of the food bank at Neighbour to Neighbour Centre around 1 p.m. today (Thursday). And that’s all the baby food they have.
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snapd Hamilton: Neighbour to Neighbour Reading Tutor Success Celebration
A celebration was held at Chedoke Public School for 16 students who have participated in the N2N Reading Tutor program. Each student was presented with a certificate and a book bag with school supplies and three books to take home.
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Hamilton Community News: Mountain tutoring program gets funding boost, new name
The volunteer program — offered by Neighbour to Neighbour (N2N) at 14 schools across the Mountain — has been renamed the Neighbour to Neighbour Jack Parent Tutoring Program, after a longtime donor and children’s advocate who died last year.
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Hamilton Community News: New name for Hamilton Mountain tutoring program
When Ancaster resident Jack Parent died last July, the community and Neighbour to Neighbour Centre lost a passionate advocate for children.
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Hamilton Community News: Tutoring program worth supporting
We can’t possibly fathom how anyone could ever hope to succeed in today’s information-driven society without the ability to read and write. Literacy should be guaranteed for every child when they begin school.
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Hamilton Community News: Kids can succeed
The children all had big smiles while some of the teachers and parents had tears in their eyes.
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Hamilton Community News: Growing for the community
The Director of Community Food Programs at the Athens Street Centre said they are hoping to harvest more than 60,000 pounds of vegetables over the late spring, summer and early fall months from as many as 20 community gardens on the Mountain and elsewhere in the city this year.
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