Neighbour2Neighbour Annual Report 2019

Volunteer Services

Talk about putting the neighbour in Neighbour to Neighbour Centre!

We could not provide services and run programs without the almost 700 volunteers – counsellors and tutors; in the warehouse, food bank and Christmas Program; at the bookstore and in the gardens; at drop-in meals and after school programs; in our kitchen and market; at food-collecting events and fundraisers; board and committee members – who contributed over 30,800 volunteer hours this year. 90% of those hours were contributed by 425 regularly scheduled volunteers!

To all of our volunteers, who give the very best of themselves so that we can be there for our community, we thank you!

Volunteer Spotlight

Neil Lin

Neil Lin was in Grade 9 when he first joined the N2N Math Success team as a volunteer in February 2017. Neil completed the Grade 9 math curriculum early with a mark of 98% and attained a perfect score on the University of Waterloo Gauss Mathematics Contest two years in a row.

Currently in Grade 11 Neil has many interests: trivia, engineering, finance, software development and participating in academic quiz competitions for high school students, such as Reach for the Top.

Of course, knowing mathematics and being able to tutor mathematics are not always the same skill set, but Neil has proven to be an amazing tutor and mentor for the Grade 7 & 8 students

Neil is a vigilant and devoted volunteer, who contributed over 100 volunteer hours by the end of the 2018-19 school year

Neil intends to volunteer in the math program next year as he decides what academic path to follow when he graduates from high school.

Gary Gibson

Housed in the upper level of the building, N2N’s used book store is a social enterprise that generates revenue for our programming. As the Volunteer Chair of the store, Gary oversees the operation of the store to increase revenue, and he effectively engages a group of 20 volunteers. Under Gary’s leadership the bookstore raised over $23,000 in 2018!

Gary enjoys the interaction with N2N volunteers, staff and the customers. He thrives on the organizational tasks and challenges of the bookstore, and the planning and promotion aspects that come with fundraising, the bookstore’s primary role.

He finds a great deal of satisfaction in finding the right book for a customer and in the positive feedback from satisfied buyers.

Gary is extremely gratified that the store continues to make an ever-increasing financial contribution to N2N and to promote a positive image to the general public.

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