To our friends and supporters

Thank you for your support of Neighbour to Neighbour Centre. You and your gifts to us are a ray of hope for people; some of them your neighbours who are struggling through the most difficult time of their life.

In a country as rich as ours, it is a shame that food banks are so heavily utilized.

Across Canada, every month 841,200 Canadians are using food banks. In Ontario, the number is a staggering 374,700; 35% of whom are children.

In Hamilton, 17,070 people use a food bank every month and almost one-third of them live on Hamilton Mountain including Upper Stoney Creek, areas served by Neighbour to Neighbour Centre.

Too many of us are a paycheck away from financial collapse. Disappearing jobs, disappointing pensions, failing health or a failing marriage can send a family spiraling into crisis. For many families, Neighbour to Neighbour Centre is the glue that holds them together, the bridge to a better future, a light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed when Laura a mother of two fleeing an abusive marriage found herself falling behind on bill payments with Christmas looming, she spent nights crying herself to sleep until a friend told her about Neighbour to Neighbour Centre. “It has been a very humbling year” says Laura, “but I have learned to appreciate the simple things. Seeing what Neighbour to Neighbour Centre provided for my family made me feel that people care. When I am in a better situation, I know I will donate to them. I can’t thank Neighbour to Neighbour Centre enough”.

At Neighbour to Neighbour Centre, we understand and care about the many challenges facing families in our community. It is our practical programs and services that address many of these challenges, not only at our Centre but right across the City of Hamilton.

We have a great support team who educate, counsel, refer, feed, support and most importantly care.

We are Neighbours helping Neighbours and together we can make sure no family goes hungry no matter the time of the year. Will you join us in the fight against poverty?

Yours truly,

Denise Arkell
Executive Director
Neighbour to Neighbour Centre (Hamilton)