Two young women of colour win N2N Writing Contest

Good food is important, but where do we celebrate our connection to good food?

We asked youth to tell us more about what good food means to them. We asked them to describe how the food smells, what it tastes like and who is there with you when you’re eating your best foods.  These two submissions engage the reader with a myriad of descriptive words that envelop the senses and recreates the sense of community that ultimately creates the conditions for good food.

Although we recognize and acknowledge that good food isn’t always accessible, affordable or culturally appropriate, we wanted to create a space where we can revel in the beauty that communities create despite the hardship. If there’s one thing marginalized communities do really well, it’s to make great food from nothing and to have a good time while doing it.

Take a look at the stories below and read about the authors in the biographies that follow their respective stories.

Thank you Christine and Chyler for sharing your words with us. We hope that your stories touch the lives of others, much in the same way your stories have touched our lives.

Read Chyler’s story here

Read Christine’s story here