How to Give to Each Service

Options to donate

  1. Online (Please click here for online form)
  2. Mail a cheque to Neighbour to Neighbour Centre, 28 Athens Street, Hamilton, ON, L9C 3K9, if in memory of or in honour of, or for an event please mark in the memo line
  3. Call with your credit card information 905-574-1334 ext 200
  4. Ongoing donation – download our Pre-authorized Debit (PAD) form and mail in with a void cheque (PAD cancellation form)
  5. We are open to receive food donations Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm and on Thursdays until 7:30 pm – please note that these are different hours from when the Food Bank is open

Thank you for donating to Neighbour to Neighbour Centre. Your kind donation is vitally needed and extremely appreciated during these lean times.

With your help, Neighbour to Neighbour Centre can assist in meeting the most basic needs of disadvantaged families through our myriad of different services and the food bank. With the help, guidance, caring and respect they receive from our staff and many volunteers, clients have greater opportunity towards self-sufficiency, happiness, improved health, as more independent, confident contributors of our community.

Most importantly, they will have learned from supporters such as you about generosity and all the good that comes from thinking collectively. Thank you for your support.


FOOD BANK (“Free Grocery Store”)

Neighbour to Neighbour Centre is committed to advancing the health and wellness of our Food Bank guests by providing healthy nutritious food options. Our “Free Grocery Store” provides emergency food for families in need on Hamilton Mountain and surrounding areas. We know that food has the power to heal and unite communities. We also know that food doesn’t travel alone, and financial donations are an important way to support our much-needed services. To donate money to our Food Bank, please click here.

please check expiry dates:
Yummy Tummies
Healthy Food for Healthy Kids:
Dried Goods
commercially sealed packaging only please:
Other Needed Items:
Unsweetened Peanut Butter Whole Grain Crackers Granola Bars Baby Formula:
Similac, Enfamil
Oatmeal and Low-Sugar Cereals Canned Fruit / Fruit Cups Rice, Barley, Grains Diapers
(size 3-6)
Canned Fish & Meats Powdered Milk Peas, Lentils, Beans, Legumes Nutritional Formula:
Boost / Ensure
Low-Sodium Canned Vegetables 100% Fruit Juice Nuts, Seeds Toiletries: Soap,
Toothpaste etc.
Pasta Sauce Unsweetened Apple Sauce Dried Fruits Reusable Cloth Bags

Donations can be dropped off at our warehouse at 28 Athens St. Mon – Fri 9am – 3:30pm and Thursdays until 8pm. If you are not able to drop off your donation at these times, our drivers can pick up large donations from your location in Hamilton and surrounding areas. Give us a call at 905-574-1334 ext. 212 to schedule a driver pickup.

Shelf-safe locally grown fresh fruit and vegetable donations are encouraged. We have large refrigerated and frozen storage capacity to ensure optimal freshness. Our Food Bank, Community Kitchens and Mobile Market programs ensure that all fresh produce goes to people in need. People living with poverty have disproportionate difficulty accessing healthy foods, and your donations make such a difference.

Eggs, dairy, and fresh & frozen meats are important donations that help us provide a full balanced diet for our neighbours. We are seeking partnerships with folks who can donate large quantities of these much-needed items, or would like to organize fundraisers to help support their purchase. Please be sure not to leave perishable items in any of our non-perishable collection boxes in the community, to ensure safe storage and timely service.

On behalf of our guests, volunteers and staff, thank you for your generous ongoing support!

For more info please call 905-574-1334 ext. 212 or email


What is Neighbour to Neighbour Centre’s Christmas Program?

Neighbour to Neighbour’s Christmas Program provides support for around 1,600 families on the Hamilton Mountain who cannot afford food and children’s gifts for the holidays. We provide:

  • Food for the holidays
  • Grocery store gift cards
  • Gifts and stocking stuffers for kids (12 and under)
  • Other comforts and treats for the holiday season such as personal care products and sweets

This program is only possible with generous annual donations of funds, food, and gifts and the support of hundreds of volunteers.

How can you help with our Christmas Program?

  • Donate funds or products from your family
  • Donate funds or products from your community by hosting a fundraiser, gift or food drive
  • Set up a donation box at your business
  • Sponsor the program
  • Volunteer

What do we need the most?

  • Funds:
    • $35 gets a turkey for a family’s Christmas meal
    • $50 gets personal care products for a whole family
    • $100 gets foods and other luxuries for a senior couple
    • $275 gets all food and gift support to an entire family of 4 to 6 people
  • New Toys or Gift Cards:
    • Gifts for kids ages 10-12 (sports equipment, craft sets and supplies, hair and makeup supplies) are especially needed
    • Gift cards in $10-$25 values to help older kids get clothing and electronics
  • Food and Personal Care Products:

Providing community garden plots for neighbours to grow some of their own food.

  • Build support among businesses, municipality and community around food Access Issues
  • Donate garden tools, plants, seeds, cedar lumber for raised beds
  • Fundraiser for the development of our Gardens “Adopt a Garden Site”
  • Offer land for community/victory gardens
  • Provide a tractor to plough land
  • Provide horticultural design for gardens
  • Adopt a garden for start–up $5,000
  • Maintain a garden $2,500

We provide food literacy / education in a group in different locations across the Hamilton Mountain. We also use the benefits of our community gardens to help support our community kitchens. If you are a church, school or have public space available to support this program please contact the Neighbour to Neighbour Centre.


In School Reading Tutor Program

To improve the reading skills of children in Grades 1-3 who are reading below grade level and are under-resourced by providing tutoring at select schools. This program builds a child’s self-confidence and fosters a love of reading, as well as an appreciation of literature through positive role modeling.
The program is run at 12 select schools by over 100 volunteers who collectively perform over 5,000 hours a year. It costs Neighbour to Neighbour Centre approximately $300 to train a volunteer for this particular program. Tutors work one-on-one with 4-5 students for 15-30 minutes per session, 2-3 times a week.

  • $7,000 provides one school with an entire Neighbour to Neighbour Jack Parent Tutoring Program for a school year. The reading tutor program supports 15-25 students with a team of 9-12 trained and qualified reading tutors
  • $2,000 provides each Neighbour to Neighbour Jack Parent Tutoring Program student with books that are presented at year-end celebrations
  • $1,500 provides leveled reading material at one Neighbour to Neighbour Jack Parent Tutoring Program school
  • $600 provides a Neighbour to Neighbour Jack Parent Tutoring Program student with 30 hours of one-on-one reading
  • $50 provides a Neighbour to Neighbour Jack Parent Tutoring Program student with a Certificate of Reading Achievement, school supplies, and a book bag at the year-end celebration

Click here to seek volunteer opportunities


This program offers assistance to parent(s) to help with the cost and provides guidance to the items needed to look after a baby.


  • A complete Starter Kit – paper gift bag, diapers, package baby wipes, receiving blanket, hand knit or quilted blanket, sleeper, hand knit sweater set, soft baby toy assorted toiletries (powder, lotion, oil, nursing pads, soap, etc.)
  • 1 New Moms Starter Kit $120
  • Knit sweater sets and or blankets
  • Donate baby wool
  • Donate to provide 8 Counselling sessions $100
  • Provide Translations to necessary documents
  • Donate gift cards or money to be used to purchase group supplies for the women (Sears, Staples, Grocery Stores)
  • Offer to cook or donate a meal for the women, and provide morning snacks. They have lunch together each week during their group sessions.
  • Volunteer as a child-minder, a mentor for one of the mothers or as an assistant at the program (making coffee, preparing snacks)