Our Community

It’s when we engage with our neighbours that we see ourselves in their reflection and realize how any one of us could face similar hardships. It is these interactions that make us strive to provide services and care that will help them succeed as a family, a contributor to helping others and a leg up to our future generations.

What Others Say About Our Programs

Neighbour to Neighbour Jack Parent Tutoring Program
Excellent program as some children learn better from others than when reading with a parent. It’s a great program that provides students with extra help without making them feel less smart than other students.
~ Parent
Single Moms Program
I started a running budget for all accounts and write all my spending down.
I changed my family diet to be more healthier, started a weekly meal plan.
I developed a life plan, where I want to be in 5 years
Women’s Programs
Shakira moved to Hamilton to restart things with her young son. She attended Building Better Futures knowing very little about what was available to her in the community. After finishing the program she knows more about herself – her personality and what she likes and doesn’t like, knows about her community, and while she’s still in debt, has a budget and a plan to change that. She also completed the peer facilitator training and is now leading with confidence the current Building Better Futures course – helping other women to make positive changes in their lives.