Staff Members


Neighbour to Neighbour currently employs 11 equivalent full-time staff dedicated to the care of our neighbours and the daily operation of our facilities. They uphold our key values and understand the importance of putting the welfare of our neighbours first.

Our staff are complemented by our 600+ Volunteers from all walks of life, that make the many programs, administrative functions and successful events a reality.

Denise Arkell

Executive Director

905-574-1334 Ext 201

Heather Moroz

Manager of Administration Services

905-574-1334 Ext 200

Krista D’aoust

Director of Community Food and Family Services

905-574-1334 Ext 205

Charlotte Redekop-Young

Manager of Emergency Food Services

905-574-1334 Ext 212

Laura Ryan

Manager of Family Services

905-574-1334 Ext 208

Deban Brunette

Director of Educational Programs

905-574-1334 Ext 204

Marija Kupina

Coordinator of Volunteers

905-574-1334 Ext 203

Amy Angelo

Manager of Food Access and Skills

905-574-1334 Ext 302

Shane Farraway

Communications and Event Coordinator

905-574-1334 Ext 217

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